Strengthening Climate Resilience in Zambia: Supporting National Institutional Framework and Participatory Adaptation Processes and Sub-Projects in the Barotse Sub-Basin

Development challenge

The Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Barotse Sub-basin Project aims to strengthen Zambia’s national institutional framework for climate resilience and improve the adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities in the Barotse sub-basin of the Zambezi floodplain.

Development solution

To address these challenges, the project provides capacity and financial support to an interim inter-ministerial national climate change secretariat in the Ministry of National Development Planning, as well as facilitation and technical capacity building for mainstreaming climate change into local-level development plans, community decision-making, and through direct sub-project grants to communities, wards, and districts for climate adaptation measures. This has required significant training and engagement across multiple levels of government and sectors, as well as with local nongovernmental organizations that could act as climate risk adaptation facilitators.