Promoting Sustainable Business Models for Clean Cookstoves Dissemination in Honduras

Development challenge

Reduce health risks associated with indoor air quality in poor and low-income households in Honduras, reduce time and costs associated with household fuel use More than half of Honduran households cook with fuelwood on rudimentary cookstoves that are highly inefficient and unhealthy. Indoor air pollutants emitted by these cookstoves cause respiratory disease and other major health issues. The use of traditional cookstoves not only impacts the health and wellbeing of poor families but it also impacts the environment, notably through the harvesting of biomass from natural forests and habitats and the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Development solution

Enable the establishment of a sustainable clean cookstove market PROFOGONES, a clean cookstove program supported by CIF and MIF and implemented by Fundación Hondureña de Ambiente y Desarrollo (Fundación Vida), seeks to transform the clean cookstove market by enabling market conditions to allow new business models to develop and by strengthening the existing private sector capacity in Honduras.

Project results

The project established a National Clean Cookstove Quality Standard, created a solid coordination unit among a diverse range of value chain stakeholders, reinvigorated local cookstove manufacturing and implementation, created various knowledge products (market, gender, legal framework), and delivered over 10,000 cookstoves to beneficiaries between February 2014 and December 2017.