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Case study

How to Implement a Broad-Based Approach to Developing the Africa Cashew Market

What are the African Cashew Initiative’s (ACi’s) principles and delivery mechanism, how do these lead to general project success, and which can be transferred to other value chains? How do producers and processors benefit from a changing power relationship in a demand-driven market set-up and how does the project support this?  “How to Implement a Broad-Based Approach to Developing the Africa Cashew Market” examines these questions in terms of ACi’s implementation.


Rita Weidinger


Gathering Tacit Knowledge from Micro-Credit Programs, by Timothy Ogden

In this video, Timothy Ogden from New York University, discusses the  tools and techniques that have been used to capture, share, and preserve tacit knowledge in the implementation of micro-credit programs. 


Tim Ogden

Tim Ogden (@philaction or @timothyogden) is managing director of the Financial Access Initiative at NYU and executive partner at Sona Partners,


Carlos Enrique Serrano Valentin

Financial executive with 30 years of experience in international and emerging markets, leading and working on teams focused on delivering banking and development products and services to clients in Spain, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas, particularly Latin America.


Marc Peter Sadler

Marc Sadler is Adviser on Risk and Markets of the World Bank's Agriculture Global Practice. He is an expert on commodity markets, finance, logistics, trading and risk management, and regularly advises governments and supply chain stakeholders on these and related issues.


Mahesh Uttamchandani

Mahesh Uttamchandani is the World Bank Group’s Global Lead for Credit Infrastructure (Insolvency & Creditor Rights, Secured Transactions & Moveable Collateral and Credit Information), advising governments around the world on the development of insolvency, collateral, credit information an


Daria Taglioni

Daria Taglioni is a lead economist in the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice of The World Bank Group and the Global Solutions Lead for Global Value Chains.


Doyle Gallegos

Doyle Gallegos is the World Bank's Lead ICT Policy Specialist. In this role, Mr. Gallegos leads the Bank’s telecommunications policy and regulatory agenda, regional backbone and rural connectivity programs, and implementation of PPPs in client countries.

Case study

Training Levy-Rebate Incentive Scheme and SME Training Consortium Program to Address Unemployment and Low Productivity in SMEs – A Korean Policy Case

This case study examines the origin, aims, execution, and achievement of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Training Consortium Program in Korea. This Korean government program, which took place from 1990 to 2003, successfully addressed issues of low productivity and unemployment in the SME sector.