Pilot Projects

On a pilot basis, GDI carries out intensive, on the ground analytical support to gain a deeper understanding of systemic delivery challenges, bringing together perspectives from diverse stakeholders.

One pilot project, carried out in Ghana, worked on identifying and codifying operational knowledge about delivery challenges linked to operationalizing environmental and social safeguard policies across the WB country portfolio in Ghana. The project was initiated at the request of the World Bank Ghana country team.

For the World Bank’s Education Global Practice, GDI collaborated with the Governance GP to 1) identify the process owner, 2) deconstruct delivery challenges, 3) build a problem solving space, 4) build authorization and, 5) learning from iterative and adaptive practices.

For more program details or collaboration with GDI Learning Program, please contact Ms. Sruti Bandyopadhyay at sbandyopadhyay2@worldbank.org